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The History of the Cathcart Family.

Charles Cathcart was born in Ballymena, Ireland sometime between 1833 and 1837. Based on information obtained from the 1891 Census in Scotland, his age is listed as 58 at that time which would have made his date of birth sometime betwwen 1832 and 1834. No information is available concerning his parents and/or siblings.

His wife, Charlotte McKee, who appears to have been of Irish birth, was married to Charles on 6 January 1864, also in Ballymena. No information is available concerning her parents and/or siblings.

Charles occupation appears to have been a coal miner or collier. The information was obtained from the birth certificate of Charles Cathcart, born in 1869. It also indicates that Charlotte was unable to read or write, as here signature on the certificate was indicated to be made by her mark, which was witnessed.

In about 1862, when the Cathcart family immigrated from Ballymena, Ireland to Hamilton, Scotland, it was probably because they had thought that the conditions for work were better in Scotland than in Ireland. Based on the fact that Charles remained in the coal mines, and that his sons were also miners, even after their immigration to the United States, one would assume the only work they were able to locate was in the mines.


The following surnames are contained within the Cathcart family tree, at present.

Cathcart, Adams, McKee, Thompson, Welsh, Hindmarch, Hoin, Ashcroft, Ross, Winters, Groninger, Todd, Ledbetter, Bolden, Parmer, Helmick.

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